Monday, May 7, 2012

Doc Appt 5/4/12 - Huzzah

In the last years Matt and I have traveled to so, so many appointments. And usually my stomach is in knots the whole way. Last Friday was the first one that I wasn't nervous about. Matt has been feeling so radically different than before, and for the first time in years we feel so confident in our direction, that we chatted about other stuff all the way there.

Since we are celebrities at this office now, were greeted by name at the front desk and ushered right in to check Matt's vitals. Victory #1 - Matt-the-fatty has gained 6lbs in just this last month! Yeyeah! That is a total of 10 pounds gained from his all time low of...well...less than me. The staff was also all joking with us cause Matt was walking around faster than they were prepared for : ).

Once we were seated with Doctor Patel we again celebrated the 6lbs. Dr. Patel said he was "ecstatic", that Matt's body is starting to absorb food, and that it is a huge sign of a turned corner.

And due to that corner turn, we are stepping things up to yet another level. We have an appointment in 3 weeks with the doctor that Dr. Patel uses for testing (we've seen her before and reported about her in some other posts). Dr. Patel is hopeful that Matt's parasite, babesia and bartonella loads should be close to 0. And if they are, we can move into an all out attack on the Lyme. We will also be re-checking Matt's chemical and heavy metal toxicity loads in preparation for more aggressive kelation. We will also see Dr. Patel again about 2 hours after the Testing, so that he can see the results asap, and move forward more quickly. The office moved other peoples appointments around to fit us in on that day. Very kind.

In the meantime, we are stepping upping the doses on all the herbal antibiotics, continuing the Amino-acid and Phosphatidylcholine IVs, as well as Rife treatments and a few other side treatments to aid in detox.

The plan of attack is to have the parasites, bacteria, and viruses all either gone or under control in the next few months, and then move forward with major detox support. Believe it or not there are still detox treatments that we haven't tried, though it feels like we've done every random thing under the sun.

After checking on the swelling in Matt's ankles, Dr Patel said that his hope is to eventually get Matt walking again without the aid of a cane. But, he said, Matt will probably never run again. Often, when a doctor makes a statement like that, it can carry such finality that hopes are dashed. But I am telling you this because as soon as he said it, I felt the Holy Spirit assuring my heart: Whether Matt runs or not, Corrie, isn't up to him, its up to ME.

In no way do I mean to slight Dr. Patel's amazing brain, but there will be an end to how far medicine can reach. There is no end to how far Jehovah Rapha can reach.

Prayer Requests:
#1. Matt is absorbing food! Praise God! But with this comes a human problem: Laziness. As soon as he started feeling better it suddenly got WAY easier for both he and I to loose a little bit of our solidarity and motivation to eat according to the diet his doctors placed him on. But now is the time if there ever was one, to be MORE motivated! If his body is absorbing food for the first time in years, he should only be eating what is best. Please pray that we don't loose focus on that.

#2. Ramping up the medicines, more frequent doc visits, and weekly or bi-weekly IV treatments are starting to add up. This is in NO WAY a veiled request for money, it is a request that you majorly partner with us in asking the Lord to provide for us as He always does. God has blown our minds time and again when it comes to money, and we know He is always ready to meet us again.

#3. Praise the Lord Matt is starting to feel up to working again! These last few days he has been working a LOT on re-vamping his Tutoring business. He will be offering private SAT tutoring this summer, as well as marketing himself to schools for the Fall. Please pray that the Lord blesses his work, and brings him in contact with students who need his love and support in the form of some very practical academic tutoring.

Praise the Lord and may He bless you greatly!


  1. Very cool to read and cheer you guys on in prayer from afar. Hugs, miss mac:)

  2. What good news for Matt. Praying today that everything continues to go upward and boy do I agree with what you wrote about the doctor saying Matt would never run again. Cancel that statement, right. God has the final say! God bless your journey.

  3. always a pleasure, for those of us trying to lose weight, to pray for your gaining weight!

  4. YAY!!! Excellent report Corrie! Be encouraged... my dad was in a terrible motorcycle accident when he was 21 and lost his leg (95%), it was just hanging by a thread! The doctors said the injury was too grave and they would have to amputate. Long story short, they were able to save the leg but said he'd never walk again. He started walking. They said he would never walk without a cane. He started walking unassisted. They said he would never be able to run again. He started playing basketball, racket ball, tennis... GOD ALWAYS has the final say ;)

  5. Hello Matt and Corrie! I enjoyed seeing Lynn on Wednesday and she mentioned your tutoring business. You might want to become a vendor for Ocean Grove Charter School. It's a homeschool charter, so parents use their funds to pay you. Here's the link: I'm a vendor and have found it a great way to earn a little extra, though I'm too busy to do much. If you can put more time in, more money.
    I'm so glad to hear of your progress against this disease.
    Lisa Smith

  6. Hi Lisa! Thank you for the recommendation! Do you happen to know the name of the person to contact? I've checked out their website, but it wasn't really clear to me who the right person to talk to is. Thanks again!