Thursday, August 9, 2012

Are you missing some shoes?

At some point in this post I’m going to update you about Matt’s health and our Carson City plans. But not yet. First I am going to tell a story…and then I am going to very thinly link it to Matt’s health, and try to sound very profound.

God is really good. And something Matt and I agreed upon once while contemplating such animals as Elephants, Narwhals, Flying Squirrels etc.: God is weird. And sometimes He makes me laugh out loud.

I often lament the size of my wardrobe, and a few months ago I was having a bad shoe day, so my lamentations took on a shoe bent. I had looked around for some new shoes, but nothing in our price range caught my eye. As I whined about it, Matt asked me just what I was wanting the shoes to look like…and I said:

“I want them to look just like these,” and I pointed to a pair of shoes that had been sitting in our entryway for a month or so. I thought they belonged to my Mother-in-law.

Another month or two passed, and the shoes were still sitting there…at this point I wondered if Lynne had forgotten that she had put the shoes there, so I asked her if she would like me to return them to her closet for her.

“What shoes?”

“The ones in the entry way…the brown Sketchers”

“I don’t have any brown Sketchers…what size are they?”


“Well, I’m a 5 ½ or 6…what size are you?”

“I’m a ….7….”

*Note: if you have recently come to my home wearing brown sketchers in a size 7…and then suddenly found yourself at home with no shoes on, then these are probably yours and I am glad to return them to you…albeit a little more stinky.

My mom doesn’t wear 7, my sisters don’t….I don’t know how anyone would arrive at my home with 
shoes, and leave without….but the shoes fit perfectly and I rock them all the time. So unless someone answers the above note, I will stick to my original conclusion: God gave me some shoes.

He knows what we need, even before we do. And He knows how He will fulfill it.

It was with wild hope that we sent out our previous post about our trip to Carson City, and what we would need to see that happen. And we are blessed over and over to have so many people for us, some have been able to contribute and support us in that way, others have been praying praying praying that a way would be made.

After several weeks we reassessed our plan, because the money just wasn’t all there. And all the while an unsettled-ness had been growing in my heart. Three weeks is a long time to be away, to tote a toddler over the mountians…with all her toys…the diapers…a hotel…it was all adding up in me. In no way did I not want to go, I was so excited! But it was going to be an ordeal no matter how smoothly it went.

My pastor reminded me of a verse a few days ago:

Psalm 16:5-6
The LORD is the portion of my inheritance and my cup;
         You support my lot.
The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places.

The non-existence of money is a pretty solid line. But for us to let go of a three week semi-vacation/IV program isn’t a hard, cruel line. It can be pleasant, and here is why:  At this very moment my husband is making his dinner. He calls it “green soup”. Based on chicken bone broth (that he made), with some steamed veggies added, it is, at last, blended together to a bright green thick steaming goodness. Hungry yet? Me either. He eats this several times a day.

When he isn’t making green soup, Matt can be found making home-made kimchee (a Korean dish of raw fermented cabbage and chili which is very high in probiotics), or home-made raw Kefir ( a super power yogurt drink that, when you make it at home with raw milk, contains trillions of organisms of probiotics in over 30 different strains -like families). And then for a side snack, cups of regular raw milk (not turned to Kefir) are also packed with nutritional value and are eaten as part of the meal (not chugged like juice).

The result of this last month and our crazy hippie diet?

Matt hasn’t used his cane in days. When I returned from picking up Rebecca from her Sunday school class last Sunday, I scanned the Sanctuary for Matt and had a hard time finding him because he wasn’t sitting, or hunched. No, these days he is standing almost as tall as he ever was.  

People comment to me all the time on how he looks so much better. He has probably gained 15 or 20 pounds. I call him “fatty”. Affectionately, of course.

When the line fell at “three weeks and eight grand will be too much”, we were able to roll with it because we feel strongly that God is up to something here.

We are still planning to go to Carson City, but it will be for a much shorter time. At this point we would like to try the joint injections on at least his knees and ankles (possibly elbows), and we are eager to see what result that has. But what we are really stoked about is that God is bulking up Matt’s body, using little more than food as HE created it to be.  

It’s just one more piece of this complex 3-D puzzle of health that we have been working on, but we are thankful for what it has done thus far. God isn’t fenced in by medical procedures (though He certainly uses them), and He isn’t fenced in by money. He just needs hearts that are willing to follow, whose hopes aren’t resting solely on how their minds thought things should be.

Now I have only one problem: What shoes am I going to wear to these appointments?

Prayer Requests
1. It’s not three weeks long anymore, but it’s still a trip to Carson City! Please pray for all aspects of this trip. Money, clarity, a toddler who is always going, going, going…safety, medical success, and that God would be glorified.
2. Matt is in the job market! Wow that’s a praise! And the request is that he will find work that won’t interfere too much with his rigorous Kefir making schedule.     :  )

~~~~~If anyone was curious, here is one great site about raw milk.

Thank you! We are so blessed by your reading this, and walking with us…

~ Corrie


  1. His rigorous Kefir making schedule. Best line.
    But the best part? "God got bigger and Matt is getting better." That's another Corrie-quote that I love and have heard echoing the last few days. Amen to that. And may there be many more amens that confirm the miraculous, sometimes weird, shoe-giving, recovery-Creator's hand in your life. :) Love you guys...

    1. Corrie is full of great quotes...way funny ones too! Thank you Hilary.

  2. So encouraging - thanks for sharing your lives with us. Corr Dawg - you make me laugh. Love you! Xo

  3. Yay for raw milk!!! I am a huge advocate!! Have you found a place to stay near Carson City yet?

    1. Awesome! We haven't nailed down a place yet, but we have a couple ideas. Also, with the recent change in plans, we aren't sure of the exact dates anymore. We should know soon though!

  4. I look forward to reading these each time they pop in my email! Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us. I love this shoe story... So rad. So funny.

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