Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ozone in Action

Frankie...he sat on my lap for a while today.
Day three is in the books...successful as the last couple.  Although I blazed through treatment quickly today, so Michael and I got to go to lunch at a pho restaurant.  "What's that?!" you ask?  It's a really good type of Vietnamese soup with fresh basil and jalapeno...'nuff said.

So, this post may or may not be too long.  I mostly just wanted to share some fun pictures with you guys and also explain a little more about one of the treatments I'm getting.  This first picture is the aforementioned Frankie, a good, understanding friend to hang out with while hooked up to the IVs.  He's always on the lookout for someone to share food with him, and he was definitely eyeing my trail mix.  I don't think he fully realized what it was, otherwise he may not have been so intrigued.

This next picture is of the IV line coming out of my arm.  The dark liquid in the line is my blood as it's coming out of me and into the IV bag.  This is the first portion of the major autohemotherapy treatment.  What happens here is that they let about 6 ounces of blood out of my arm into an IV bag. 
ozone, major autohemotherapy
Dark, pre-ozone blood on its way out.
There are a couple possibilities as to why it looks so dark.  The first is that it's blood that's actually on its way back to my heart, after dumping its oxygen throughout my body's tissues as it's meant to.  Oxygen is what brightens the blood, so when it's on the way back to the heart and lungs to get more, it's darker than it is after it passes through those organs.  The second possibility is that when you're sick, your body does not actually get as much oxygen as it wants, and blood with less oxygen means blood that is dark and not as bright red.  The third, and this intrigues me, is that my blood is fairly dirty.  People who are sick often have much darker blood than healthy people because that blood is carrying around a lot of toxic filth, whether from infections or other toxins.  I think that this definitely is playing a role with me, because this is quite a bit darker than my blood looked on day one.  The reason for that would be that all of this intense treatment is stirring up the toxic sludge in my body and it's more freely floating through my bloodstream right now.

So, after the blood comes out into the IV bag, they take three syringe-fulls of ozone gas and inject them into the IV bag with the blood, mixing it around.  Once the ozone has a chance to mix into the blood, they let it all run back into my body through the same line.
ozone, major autohemotherapy
Ozonated blood going back in.
Here's a picture of my blood in the same line, running back into my body with the ozone in it.

It's amazing to me what a different color it is!  They didn't dilute it with anything, add any liquid at all.  The only difference is that the ozone is in there, working on both oxygenating my oxygen-starved cells and also killing infectious organisms and oxidizing (burning up) toxic sludge.  Crazy.

So they let that all run back into me where the ozonated blood can be distributed throughout my body, which then distributes the ready-to-work ozone.

So what is the ozone doing once it's inside?  I've already mentioned a couple times that it will kill harmful anaerobic organisms such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi...all of which have come up in the course of my treatment.  I've also mentioned that it detoxifies by dissolving and getting ready for elimination both organic toxins (from infections and normal cellular waste) as well as more chemical-like toxins (chemicals, metals, etc.).  One top of those major benefits, it will also support many of my body's normal, good, healing processes.  I've found so much solid research about so many things that ozone does, it's hard to summarize them all...but here are five things that just scratch the surface.  
  1. It regulates the immune system, calming down an overactive system, and stimulating and underactive one.
  2. It stimulates increased oxygen uptake by our cells from hemoglobin molecules...basically preventing and helping treat cellular oxygen deprivation.
  3. Improves circulation by enhancing the bloods ability to flow, which allows for even greater oxygen delivery into the body's tissues and cells.
  4. Increases antioxidant protection.
  5. Stimulates the mitochondria, or energy factories in our cells.  Decreased cellular energy is a major underlying cause of disease. me anyway.  I won't bore you with more science details, but just know that they're out there.  If you're interested, I'm posting a link on the right to a ton of peer-reviewed research.  Boring I know, but some may find it interesting.  The science is compelling, and I'm very thankful to be here.

However, at the end of the day, the Lord is our healer.  My healing is in his hands and whether he uses ozone and diet and lifestyle or a miracle, or a combination of all the's all from him.  Corrie and I never want to put our faith in a doctor or a therapy or anything other than Jesus.  HE alone is Jehovah Rapha.


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