Friday, April 20, 2012

Most recent doctor visit...back on Good Friday

So it has now been two weeks since our most recent doctor's visit, and I am just now posting the update on it.  Sorry for the huge delay, but we have been pretty busy these past couple weeks with Rebecca's birthday extravaganza-ness, writing various things for our church's upcoming VBS, speaking again at Teen Challenge, praying for healing at our church, etc.  Oh...and we got sick...and I pulled my back muscles.

But THAT'S good news!  I was actually able to try something physically hard enough that I pulled a muscle!  While it is definitely less than fun, you have now idea how good it feels to be ABLE to pull a muscle...strange I know.

So what's going on with us healthwise?  Well, at our visit a couple weeks ago, our doctor was pleased to see the condition I'm in.  So much so that he is having me start up some more aggressive detoxification.  This is wonderful news to me.  It's been so frustrating to have to be so cautious with treatment because of my body not being able to handle it.  But now that my massive systemic inflammation is somewhat under control, it's like an open door to go in and clean house.

In addition to regular exercise on my recumbent stationary bike, my doctor is also having me take several detoxification remedies...PLUS (this is exciting to me) he wants me to start on another IV treatment in about a week or so.  This will be in addition to my IV Amino Acid sessions, which we've reduced to once a week.  The IV treatment is something called phosphatidylcholine.  That's a huge word for a special kind of lipid that is used by nearly every cellular membrane in our bodies.  Not just the membrane around the whole cell, but also membranes around various organelles within each cell.  What does it do, you ask.  Well, let me tell you...

Phosphatidylcholine (PC) has recently been being used for many many conditions, mostly chronic illnesses.  When someone is chronically sick, their cell membranes become damaged and begin to malfunction.  When this happens, cells start to do things all wrong, like letting in the bad stuff, keeping in the bad stuff, and keeping out the good stuff.  This not only disrupts the body's natural healthy functioning on nearly every level, but it can also prevent various medicines from working as well as they could and should.  Also, when the membranes aren't functioning properly, cells can't expel the bacteria/viruses/parasites and their resultant toxins that have bored their way inside.

So this PC presents a very powerful potential to facilitate healing in all sorts of ways.  Thank Jesus for leading us to a doctor who understands so many different treatment options and is not afraid to use whatever is helpful, drugs or natural.

In addition to this, we are doing another wave of bug-killing stuff that I had done before, but wasn't able to tolerate.  My body reacted too strongly with pain and inflammation.  This time around, I'm doing much better.  I feel reactions, but they subside, and are not debilitating as they once were.

We are currently set to see the doctor again in two weeks from tomorrow, after I've had my first round of the new IV.  I plan on posting more then to let you all know how it's going.

Also, it's my goal to write a post to follow up on our church's recent prayer night, my recent Teen Challenge visit, and whatever else God gives me to say.  Hopefully I'll do this by the end of the stay tuned.

By the way, we would like some prayer for these things:
1) Please pray that, as I am on Prednisone, my body will be greatly helped by it and not suffer any of the sometimes harmful side-effects.
2) Pray also that we will get to a point soon where I will be able to start weaning off of it without noticing that it's even gone.  i.e. My pain and swelling will not go back up, but will stay where they are now and continue to improve even more.
3) Please pray that these new IV's will bring as much healing as they possibly can.
4) Please pray that the Lord provides the means to keep receiving the IV's regularly.
5) Please pray for Corrie, that she will stay strong and be renewed in strength and energy every day, just as the Lord promises in his word.
6) Please pray for Rebecca, that she will stay in good health and be able to see the goodness and REALness of the Lord through mine and Corrie's walk with him through this time.
7) Please pray for our church as we pray for healing, that God would show himself strong on behalf of those whose hearts are loyal to him.

 Thank you all.  We love you and may Jesus walk closer to you, speak louder to you, and draw more of you to himself than he ever has thus far

*note from Corrie: Several posts ago Matt asked for prayer that we would form relationships with the doctors and staff at the office we visit, and I want to praise the Lord that He has really paved a way for that. A few days ago Matt needed to call the office to ask a question, and as soon as he said "Hi, my name is Matt Hallock," the nurse on the other end said "Oh hey Matt! How are you feeling? Better than the other day?" I thought that was really cool. In an office shared by about 4 or 5 doctors and who knows how many patients, Matt's determination and strength, given to him by the Lord, are making him stand out. Lets pray that those relationships continue.


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