Friday, April 13, 2012

Taste and See!

A few weeks ago my brother visited from Japan. It was so awesome to get to see him as the Pacific Ocean never seems so large as when you have a brother, a sister, and three precious (did I say precious? Maybe I meant precocious J) nephews on the other side of it.
While he was here, several of us siblings and their spouses, (and in Candace’s case, just her spouse since she is awesomely directing Narnia in Hollister!) went out to an incredible dinner at the Inn at Tres Pinos. Conversation funny, laughter…all that jazz, but right now I’m talking about the FOOD.
OMG guys the food. Even just the olive oil that we dipped our bread in was awesome. The bread was awesome. And it came in little fly fishing-esque baskets. And when we were done with our entrees and the waiter asked if we wanted a dessert menu, we all tried our best to look modest and in control of our stomachs, but the façade did not last long. I had the mousse. Everyone else had crème brulee.
*note: this is not a review or an ad. But seriously, go there.
It was a meal so good, that it took a few days to stop thinking about. And during those days that I couldn’t stop thinking about it, an analogy came to my mind. I was an English Major. This is what we do.
In these last years since Matt got sick, there has been a rising in both our spirits to see more of the Lord, to experience more of Him. Not in a crazy way necessarily, although I wouldn’t say no to some miracles, but also in a deeper, more intimate, conversational life with the Lord.
Now here is where the analogy came in. What if I went to the Inn at Tres Pinos, and the owner/chef came out to my table and said: “Just so you know, anything here is yours. Free. You can come as often as you like, stay as long as you like, and nothing in my restaurant is off limits to you”. Ok, maybe this is more of a fantasy than an analogy.
One thing is for sure, I would be back. And while the Farfalle del Mar was amazing, I wouldn’t just order that to-go every time I went there, I would try everything on that menu. And I would hang out. I’d get to know everyone else who frequents the place. And if I walked in one day and the chef poked his head out and said: “I made something specifically for you tonight Corrie!” I wouldn’t respond: “no thanks, I’ll just stick with the farfalle” I’d try it! Eventually I’d walk in there, refuse the menu with a flip of my hand and say: “Tell him Corrie is here, and I’ll have whatever he thinks I’d like” ‘Cause I trust the chef. ‘Cause I imagine that everything he makes is good.
The Lord has a lot of things for us to try in Him in our lives with Him. He is always interested in showing us more of Himself and leading us to new things. This will, of course, lead to areas that need stretching and growth, but it will always be good. And I think He wants us to dig in and ask Him for it. He provides the menu, and gives us the freedom to choose. We could just eat the same meal every time we go to the restaurant, but there is more flavor to be had. And eventually even the best farfalle would start to taste too familiar and even boring after a while.
It doesn’t read like: “Dear Lord, today I’ll have the patience with a side of Christ-like love” rather its: “Lord lead me into what you would have for me. If that requires growth and repentance, I’m ready for it, or I’ll at least hang on. Show me Your heart for those around me. Show me how to love them like You do, and how to act in that. I just want to know You and be known by You, and be used by You”.
Psalm 34:8 O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusts in Him.

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