Sunday, February 12, 2012

Doc appt 2/10/12 update

Thank you for your faithful prayers in this last week since we started the blog. We have posted an update on the prayer requests from last week, which you can link to here: prayer-request-updates-21112, and we have another appointment to summarize for you.

Our doctor was pleased with Matt's progress over last week. The fact that the Prednisone made him feel good...and that the Parasite killing stuff made him feel bad...back and forth all week is good! That means that both are working. So we are continuing on that track, only cutting down on the Prednisone to try to establish the lowest dosage that will take the edge off, minimizing the side effects.

Because his body handled the die-off well, we started the IV chelation treatment! That is the process of forcing the heavy metals out of his system. Matt will be heading over the hill 2x a week for this treatment for the next few weeks (PLUG! If you ever feel like hanging out with Matt for a day, or grabbing lunch over the hill with him, let us know!). It seemed that Matt felt the effects of this treatment pretty strongly, which is great because it again shows that we're on the right track. 

If these treatments with the parasites and the heavy metals continue to be effective, Matt very well may begin to see and feel some long overdue relief in the next few weeks.  In a couple weeks, after we go through the next 7-day parasite killing period, we're going to be evaluating our progress with the doctor and will from there decide on whether or not to bring a rheumatologist into the mix.  A rheumatologist would be able to provide valuable monitoring of Matt's arthritis symptoms as well as some drugs that are really effective at halting the arthritis process.  Obviously these are great things.  The downside is that the rheumatology drugs can slow down the core healing processes and have some negative effects if taken long-term.  So prayer for guidance in this is a big necessity!

Another treatment that is currently happening, but not quite so forefront, is the support of Matt's Methylation Cycle. Buckle down. This is about to get all Magic School Bus on you. Methylation Cycle is a fancy way of saying "how a body purges toxins" and it includes all those yummy organs such as liver, kidney, gall bladder, bile duct, lymph system etc. Currently his system is "stressed" and therefore clamped down, and not working efficiently. DUH! So through several different supplements, including a shot that I get to administer to my dear husband 3 times a week (nice), we are hoping to "open up" the Methylation Cycle! Once that happens, we can march forward with more big-guns, because his body will be able to detoxify more quickly and thoroughly.

Our Doctor wrote us a prescription for physical therapy, with the intent of building up muscle around joints in a low or even non-impact way, to take stress off of the damaged joints.

In this coming week Matt will be receiving two Chelation treatments, as well as meeting with the Desensitization Doctor to test, and ensure, that his body is still accepting all the medications. A week from this coming Monday, we will also be testing Matt to see if his body would accept, and work with Ozone Therapy...(hear: Dum-Dum-Duhhhhhhhh!!!)...We have been doing a lot of research into this concept, and have found a treatment called Prolozone. It is a series of injections of nutrients and Ozone directly into the arthritic joints that can have incredible and sometimes permanent healing capabilities. Our Doctor likened this treatment to going in with a machine gun and blasting everything it sees, which is cool, but we do have to ensure that his body can handle that large of a die-off without going into shock.

I think that just about covers it. Now on to prayer requests!


1. Please pray that this Parasite/Heavy Metal treatment will continue to be effective, and that it will be that trigger we have been looking for for so long. Doc is looking for overall decreased inflammation as the treatment progresses...and of course, so are we.

2. Pray that Matt's body tests positive for accepting and working with Ozone! We would love to move forward into that treatment route.

3. Pray that we find a great physical therapist on THIS side of the hill, and that Matt would have the energy to even go. And to handle the die-off that would inevitably come from working long unused muscles.

4. Here's an impossible one that we can believe for! Please pray that Matt's body handles all these drugs, and undergoes NONE of the negative effects. Lets pray that Jesus literally negates them.

5. And here's another that seems huge. Lets pray for complete healing and restoration of the arthritic joints. Total range of motion and ability restored. Our GOD is able.

6. Please pray for our extended family, and specifically the 5 parents we have between us. Pray against the fear and restlessness that they must tread through as they watch their children fight this. Pray against feelings of helplessness and frustration.

Thank you for your time reading this, and for the support that each of you is to us. May the Lord bless your lives tremendously, and may you know how deep and wide His love is for you.

Love always, Matt and Corrie

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  1. You've got so much going on! Thank you for sharing. I will be praying specifically. Love you guys. -Danielle J