Monday, February 27, 2012

Doctor appt. 2/24/12

So after he looked over the results from my and Corrie's latest testing, our doctor called us in sooner than previously planned so that we could further hone our battle plan.  You can check out the post if you don't remember, but the results of the testing were for the most part very good.  Parasites are way down, the heavy metals are coming out, Lyme is way down.  And in light of all of this, what has arisen as the next puzzle piece to handle is my viral load.  Now is where you can applaud me for being able to eat enough to support the whole myriad of organisms camping out inside of me...a bunch of different bacteria, mycoplasma, parasites (worm and non-worm...I know TMI), and now VIRUSES!!!

Basically, our doctor wants me to continue with the parasite protocol that we had previously started.  It consists of 7 days of treatment, followed by 10 days off, until I've had three rounds of 7 days.  I am just finishing my second round, so I'll be done with that in 17 days!  The reason for this, again probably TMI, is that parasites lay eggs.  So you want to kill the living ones for seven days, give ten days for the eggs to hatch, then kill all the new ones more eggs and no more parasites.

We are going to put a hold on the IV chelation therapy for a while.  Our doctor said that my metal toxicity levels are significantly lower now.  Also, since my body is slowly being able to overcome these various infections, it will also slowly be able to rid itself of the metals.  That's really what we want...for my body to be able to defend itself as God made it to do.

As soon as the medicine gets here, I will be starting a virus-killing protocol to get rid of my underlying Epstein-Barr, HHV6, and HPV viruses.  Both our doctor and the doctor who ran our latest tests think that getting rid of these bad boys could be the key to unlocking my methylation (major detoxification) cycle, which could be a significant "turning of the corner".  Naturally we are excited about this thought and will be going full throttle after these viruses for the next several weeks, while still finishing the parasites, keeping the Lyme at bay, and supplementing my body with the necessary nutrients to jumpstart my methylation.

I will be going in to the office regularly to receive IV treatments packed with amino acids and a bunch of other powerhouse nutrients, since my body needs the extra strength that has been drained by these infections.  I am excited about these IVs because they could make me feel pretty good, and I think that they will be invaluable in boosting my body's natural ability to heal itself.

A couple other smaller things for me: I will be starting physical therapy here in Santa Cruz hopefully next week.  I think this will really help my mobility and pain!  Also, we are waiting on the ozone joint injections until my detoxification is better, but I still hope to do that soon.

As for Corrie, you'll remember that her test results showed Lyme and parasites as well as a few other things.  Our doctor really wants to take care of her, so we are currently working out some of the logistics of Medi-Cal and such so that she can get her care covered.  We also asked our doctor about whether Rebecca should be tested.  At this time he is not worried about her at all given her really good health, development, and social skills.  She is showing NO signs of anything.  So we are going to continue to pray health over her and support her body in the same ways that we have been so far. 

Prayer Request Time!

1. These last two months have been more testing, more visits, and more treatments back to back than at any other time during this illness. Please pray for endurance and provision as we truck it through.

2. We are so thankful for our doctor and for his dedication to digging out all the many aspects of my sickness. Please pray for continued insight and good instincts on his part, but also that our time with him would also be a witness TO him. (While we're at it, lets just add all the nursing staff and receptionists too! They know our names now, we chat, and they ask us questions about our life. Lets pray that the Lord keeps that up.)

3. The IV treatments that we are starting will be 2 to 3 hours long! Please pray for boldness to get to know and encourage the other patients who sit nearby. The IV treatments all happen in one room with about 10 chairs all facing each other. Good chatting opportunities.

4. Keep praying that this stinking methylation cycle would open up! So many of our "next steps" hinge on it. And we want my body to be working with and not against the treatments.

5. Please pray that Medi-Cal will cover the blood work for Corrie, and maybe some of the treatment too as a bonus!

6. This seems like a given, but please pray for just straight up down right HEALING! We will take it any way we can get it. And we know that it will be for the glory of the Lord. So that's what we want. Healing, and a testimony that points to Him.

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