Monday, February 27, 2012

A quick thought...

Matt and I have it on our heart to just drop a quick note clarifying MY health. While I tested positive for Lyme etc, I am NOT sick. Ya, sure I am tired a lot...but I have a toddler : ) The testing that we did to check my Lyme numbers will come back positive for ANY low lying levels of the infection.

It is not a big concern, but given the way Matt LOOKS, its hard for people to not think that its a terrible thing. Lyme is a tricky thing, and as in Matts case, it lowers the immune system allowing for other infections. Thankfully I am a pretty healthy person, so while I do test positive for some of it, my body has not been compromised in any way. I dont feel sick. Please dont be concerned. We went back and forth with even saying anything on the blog about me, but we figured we might as well tell the whole story : )

Matts doc will also be treating me, and we ALL (even the doc) feel confident that it will be a quick process. Its also actually a good thing that we know this because while I'm not sick now, having that underlying infection could cause me to get sick later. Often, people dont present Lyme until they have surgery for something else, or are on antibiotics for something that then allows the infection to grow. So its good to nip this in the - well even pre "bud" stage. Its more like a seed than even a bud! : ) Also, even if I am not sick, if Matts Lyme levels go down, but his immune system is still low (which it will be for a while) I could possibly give it back to him. So it is a good idea to just kill it all!

By the way, Lyme is not contagious like a flu or cold. Really the only reason I have this is because we are married. The reason we checked Rebecca is because it has been shown to be passable from Mother to fetus. I hardly think that my levels of infection have ever been raging enough to pass to her though.

We love you all. And we are so thankful to be the recipients of so much love and care. Goodnight.

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