Monday, February 20, 2012

Doctor appt 2/20/12.......testing testing

This afternoon we both had appointments to run thorough tests that ascertain toxin, and infection levels, track improvement, as well as determine where your body is generally weak. Our doctor has this office run information gathering tests on his patients, and so we will be discussing in this post where our numbers stand, but as far as treatment plans go, we are still sticking to the path that we have been telling you about. When we see our doctor next, we will discuss any adjustments or changes to our plan.

We got some good news! My Lyme levels are way down from where they were. This includes the co-infections of Babesia, Bartonella, Erlichea (doesn't even have a reading anymore!), and Mycoplasma. This means that even though we switched gears a bit a few weeks ago to attack the parasites, the Lyme and its cohorts have seen significant depletion, and their numbers remain low.

Also good: we are down from 5 parasites to 2! And those 2 are showing lower levels than before. We are continuing on our current parasite protocol, and hopefully we can beat these guys for good soon

The heavy metal chelation is also working! And the process of purging the metals is successfully exposing some other, previously hidden, areas that need work. We will be continuing chelation after this next seven days of parasite attack.

By ridding my body of metals, however, viruses are being exposed as yet another primary cause of my inflammation. Particularly the ever-awful Epstein Barr Virus, which is often related to chronic fatigue syndrome. Interestingly, I have been feeling a new wave of tired. Or chronically fatigued as it were.

As our doctor suspected, the viral load could very well be what is causing my methylation cycle to be non-functioning. I have been taking a lot of vitamins and minerals to support the cycle, but we are hoping that attacking this virus will be the missing link. My body cannot efficiently detox without the methylation cycle being opened up, and without the ability to detoxify, my inflammation will stay high, even though infections are dying off.

Testing also showed that my adrenal and thyroid hormone levels are out of whack. This is another factor in my fatigue and inflammation.

So basically all of the work that we have been doing has been successful in decreasing my body's infection load. It will be important that we continue doing this kind of testing consistently, so that we can keep tabs on which infection is playing the biggest role at any given time.

We are very thankful that our doctor suggested that Corrie get tested today as well. It turns out that she is also positive for Lyme and its coinfections, mold, and also a couple parasites. (As the Church Lady says: Well isn't THAT special!) We know this sounds intense, but the timing of finding this is actually good. The numbers are very low, and it should be easy to treat. Also, without her getting treatment, it is possible that we could continue to pass these infections back and forth. Our first question was also then about Rebecca and should we have her tested. While her health is currently perfect, we just want to be one step ahead of this. We will be conversing with our doctor about this too when we see him next. And while that concept can be a little scary, we know that her health is entirely in the Lord's hands, and He will lead us in how to protect her.

Prayer and Praises

1. Please pray that the treatments that we are doing for Lyme, parasites, and viruses would continue to be as effective as they have been.

2. Pray that Matt would be encouraged by seeing some improvement in his body (arthritis, inflammation) as the infection numbers improve. Its one thing to see it on paper, its another to feel it.

3. Even if you aren't quite sure what it means cause we aren't that great at explaining it, please pray that Matt's methylation cycle would improve and open up completely. The Lord will know what you mean. We did find that Ozone Therapy would indeed be beneficial for his body (see previous prayer requests), and yet, we can't do that until his body is able to detox all the toxins that the treatment would expose. So we are very eager as you may imagine.

4. Please pray for Corrie. It was a bit of a pill to swallow that she is not the pillar of strength and health that she wants to be during this time. Please pray that her treatment will be quick and precise. Pray that her energy and strength will be ever-increasing.

5. Please pray for our little family of three (and the naughty cat). That we will be tightly knit and that we would love each other more each day.

Thank you again and always for taking the time to read this, pray, and care for us the way you do. Love always, Matt and Corrie



  1. I'm a friend of Lynn's and have been praying for you. Matt was my son Elliot's tent leader one year at SCBC's Vacation Bible Camp. Marsha sent me the link to your blog. It's wonderful to know what's going on so we can pray for you specifically. You are on my heart!
    Love and blessings,
    Lisa Smith
    Elliot, Caleb and Emily

    1. Wow Lisa! Thank you so much for the note of encouragement. I totally remember a group member named Elliot, and I think I can even remember what he looked like! Great to hear from you. Feel free to pass the url on to whoever...the more prayer the better!

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